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Captain Greg of the Banana Winds

I told Captain Greg that nobody reads profiles, but he pleaded, "Write one...please".

I have nothing but positive stuff to say about this guy.  Like many people who are closely connected with the water like he is, Greg grew tired of chasing a land lubber's living and left his Ohio trucking business behind in favor of a new, watery life style.  He will tell you that it was just too cold in the winter and that ice is rough on a boat.  As it happened, he decided on a new life, a new vocation, and bought the Formosa 51 that adorns these web pages.  A couple of successful summers on Lake Erie (yes, Lake Erie) told him to take his new business south, and the rest, perhaps, is history...but not quite. 

What Greg won't tell you is that he's been sailing for decades.  The sailing bug hit him a long time ago and he's piloted more boats than he wants to talk about.  He's delivered, shuttled, navigated, raced, anchored, the Great Lakes, eastern U.S. coastal waters, Virgin Islands, Florida Keys, crewed while competing in Steve Black's West Marine Caribbean 1500, the Intra-coastal Waterway...the Erie Canal, even.  He's holds a United States Coast Guard Masters License, he's a certified diving instructor (his list of dives is impressive), and he knows how to have a good time on the water while balancing it with safety.  The message there is that he's above-average-competent for those of us who admire skill and experience. 

All fun aside (and that's what this guy is really all about), you will not be disappointed sailing or just hanging out with Captain Greg, Banana Winds and its crew!

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